Tax Compliance

Our tax return process is geared to keep you compliant — from a federal, multi-state, and international perspective. We pride ourselves on filing timely, accurate returns that minimize return-to-provision adjustments, and provide a baseline for tax planning.

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Accurate and Traceable Calculations

Timely Deliverables

IRS and State Audit Readiness

Our Comprehensive Approach

We provide full stack tax return services to a wide range of public and private companies – from the supporting calculations to the return preparation to audit support, we handle it all

  • Detailed Federal and State Tax Return Workbook
  • Book-to-Tax Reconciliation
  • Tax Elections and Disclosures
  • Return-to-Provision Comparison
  • Consolidated Returns
  • International Tax Calculations (GILTI, FDII, BEAT, etc.)
  • R&D Tax Credit
  • IRS & State Audit Support
  • Quarterly Tax Estimates
  • Federal-to-State Reconciliation
  • State Apportionment Calculation

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